my son My son has been diagnosed with ADHD at the age of five he is now eight. Everday he faces some challenges and we have learned to get over those and move on. One major thing that I do is communicate with my son as in any situation communication is key. When he was first diagnosed he was five and did not understand what was going on , so I have been teaching him about his ADHD.  Even with me teaching him he is very mature for an eight year old  he understands a lot of his ADHD. I think informing him as he grows he has a better understanding and he can inform me of his feelings and what goes on in his head.

The better understanding I have with him the better we can deal with this , as we all know you do not outgrow ADHD you find ways to deal and cope. There are good things that come with ADHD like creativity,ability to think out of the box , those are just a few of the positive things there are many more and as I post I will share those good things.